The best way to break a growth barrier in your church.... is to do it quickly. You don't need an incremental strategy, you need a catapult

It's time to move your Church to the next level!

And whereas we can't presume on growth, we can prepare for it!

  • Think bigger when you see what's possible
  •  Videos, worksheets, timelines, and more
  • ​Learn how to rally your team together
  • ​Reap the benefits of a big vision
  • ​Break a growth barrier in a day 
  • ​Experience a new normal
  • ​"Rinse & repeat," to the next level and beyong

Register today for this on-demand course + a live-coaching session that accelerates the learning curve by encouraging you to dream big, plan strategically, and implement intentional processes to move you forward.

Each module removes the mystery of how to grow healthier while growing faster

It's time to launch your ministry forward + forward  + forward: we believe you can do it in a day!

  • Gain or sustain new momentum = you'll no longer be stuck
  • ​Don't "fake it until you make it" in this new season
  • ​Use a step-by-step process that's worked for others
  • Create a contagious culture = less frustration on your teams
  • ​Implement systems that work, processes that sustain ministry even when you take time off = you won't feel like a "pastor impostor"
  • ​Action steps you can implement immediately = no more guesswork about what to do next

Growing your ministry shouldn't be a mystery

And while we can't PRESUME on growth, we can do some PRACTICAL things to PREPARE for growth.

Step-by-step, one-two-three

Access the content

Watch + rewatch the video training as many times as you'd like, accessing the on-demand library from all of your devices. Share what you learn with your team.

Work through the framework

Identify your areas of strength-- and weakness. Move through your excuses, create the right culture, build a killer team, and design strategic processes.

Implement as you learn

Walk away from each video module with a worksheet of action steps you can apply in your environment in real time, seeing measurable results.

What others say...

Chris Johnson, Harrisonburg, VA

"The coaching helped me focus and change one habit or introduce a new concept over weeks at a time, consistently..."

Bill Jiminez, Omaha, NE

"The coaching we received helped our team make more progress in the last 6 months than we have in the last 6 years."

Kevin Cooley, Mobile, AL

"Being coached and encouraged to manage myself has greatly benefited me and helped me better lead my team." 

We believe your church should be healthy and grow.

The Church Catapult shows you how!

  • 6 modules
  • 20 total videos
  • 20 actionable worksheets
  • ​Timelines included

The Catapult Curriculum

Module 1 = Overcome Your Excuses & Prepare for Something Bigger

In the first module we look at the things that hold us back-- in our minds. Then, we talk about raising your expectations

Module 2 = How to Break Through a Growth Barrier in a Day

In videos 3 and 4, Shawn explains how to lead your church to break a growth barrier in a single day. And, he offers you a step-by-step playbook, complete with a timeline and a strategy to make it happen. 

You'll discover that more than just reaching new people (or reconnecting with marginally-attending people), this experience aligns your entire church around a common mission, it builds excitement, and it breeds a "can do" culture.

Module 3 = How to Lead Yourself at the Next Level

5 videos comprise the largest module of the curriculum, empowering you to get self-reflective and then take massive action.

As a leader, you're the lid.

The bad news... is that the organization won't outgrow your personal capacity.

The good news... is that YOU are in charge of YOUR personal capacity. 

You'll learn about balance & rhythm, setting goals that actually stick, and how to become more disciplined and kinder + gentler at the same time.

Module 4 = The Three Gears You Need to Grow: Culture, Systems, Team

Why do organizations get stuck and stop growing?

It's either the place you work (the culture)...

Or the people at that place (the team)...

Or the processes you use / don't use (the systems).

Or, it's you!

Now that we've worked on you (in module 3), we turn our attention and work on the other three. 

In this module, Shawn highlights the three reasons-- culture, team, systems-- organizations stop growing... and gives you the tools to get unstuck in each one.

Module 5 = Getting Clear About + Protecting the Vision

In module 5 you'll learn how to define your vision and then implement it. You'll get clear about it, and you'll protect it.

But, best of all...

... you'll learn to do it while staying healthy in the process.

The right structure will enable you to grow your organization and lead your team to accomplish that vision.

Module 6 = Focusing and Re-focusing on Things That Matter Most

In the final module you'll discover how to deal with critics and haters, as well as identify the seven voices you need in your life. 

You'll gauge the things which matter the most, as well, as you learn which voices to ignore and which ones to listen to.

Let's Move Forward, Together!

  • Instant access to all resources
  • ​Forever access = review as many times as you'd like
  • Wherever access = ​login from all of your devices
  • ​Gain or sustain momentum today!
  • ​ Free coaching call / strategy session included

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